Help Elmo Go to the London Olympics

Elmo at the OlympicsThere are just over 50 days left until the start of the London Olympics and we couldn’t be more excited! While all of the athletes are undeniably talented, we’ll be cheering a little louder for all of the parents who will be competing. Raising kids and preparing to win gold? That deserves a medal in and of itself.

But there’s one other person (well, more like a monster) we’ll be pulling for: Elmo!

Our favorite, perpetually 3-year-old monster has started a campaign to get himself to the London Olympics. Obviously Elmo doesn’t meet the age minimum to compete in any of the actual events, but that’s why he wants to help carry the Olympic torch.

To show the International Olympic Committee (IOC) how serious he is about his quest, Elmo has made a video where he tries a few sports. Yes, he struggles with the hurdles and has some difficulty with weight-lifting, but we admire Elmo’s determination. Those of you with toddlers know how difficult it can be to teach them to persevere.

If you want to support Elmo, head over to his Facebook page and give it a “Like.”

Goody luck, Elmo! We hope to see you in London!

Photo: “Elmo Should Go To The Olympics” Facebook Page

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