3 Healthy New Foods For You and The Kids to Try!

I’m at the Natural Products Marketplace this weekend—a mecca of new healthy foods and natural beauty products. Normally, I’d save all of my finds to include in Parents magazine, but I ran across three products that were so delicious that I wanted to share them with you now. My first pick: The Real Deal Veggie Chips.  They’re different from most veggie chips on the market because they don’t try to imitate potato chips. Instead, they’re like corn chips and half their weight comes from green peas, giving them a serving of veggies in each 100-calorie bag. My daughter and I couldn’t detect a hint of pea taste. These are a winner for picky eaters and perfect for lunchboxes!

I also loved Almond and Cashew Swirls from a new company, Anna’s Choice. These nut-butters come in a resealable squeezeable container so kids can squirt them on crackers, bread, or, better yet, in the groove of a celery stalk. Anna’s also makes Pecan Sprinkles, crushed pecans in a shakeable container that would be great as a pancake or salad topping.

Finally, I couldn’t resist stopping by the booth that offered me chocolate cake (even though it was 10 am!). Blossom Fine Foods was sampling its new vegan, gluten-free cake. Not being vegan or gluten-free, I didn’t have much hope that I’d like it. But it was wonderful—better than most regular chocolate cakes. The buttercream-like frosting was particularly amazing; the company’s owner told me her secret ingredient is vanilla soymilk. I’m planning on picking up a cake for my daughter’s birthday party next month because several of her friends have dairy and wheat allergies.

You can find out where any of these foods are sold near you by checking out the company websites. Have a yummy weekend!



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