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CDC: Drowning Still a Leading Cause of Death for Toddlers
Drowning remains the leading cause of death in children under age 4 other than birth defects, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Baby’s Poor Head and Neck Control May Be an Autism Clue
Early research suggests that if a 6-month old baby has “head lag,” or weak head and neck control, it may be an early sign of autism or another language/social developmental delay.

Breastfed Babies May Gain Less Weight
Babies who are fed milk from their mothers’ breasts gain less weight over their first year compared to babies fed milk — breast or formula — from a bottle, suggests a new study.

Having Children Makes You (Relatively) Happier
Two college professors, Chris M. Herbst and John Ifcher, are challenging the collective, if counterintuitive, wisdom. Being a parent, they say, really does make people happier than the alternative — in part because over the past few decades, those who aren’t parents have been becoming gradually less happy.

Study Finds Setbacks for Young Autistic Adults
One in 3 young adults with autism have no paid job experience or college or technical education nearly seven years after high school graduation, a study finds. That’s a poorer showing than those with other disabilities, including the mentally disabled, the researchers said.

Newborn Infant Dies After Dog Attack at Ohio Home
An Ohio coroner’s investigator says a 3-day-old infant died hours after she was attacked by a family dog while sitting in a swing.

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