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Targeting Child’s Play to Help Tackle Autism
As efforts expand to diagnose autism earlier and more accurately, researchers also are striving to figure out ways to treat children as young as one year old.

Concussion Crisis Growing in Girls’ Soccer
The number of girls suffering concussions in soccer accounts for the second largest amount of all concussions reported by young athletes, according to the American Journal of Sports Medicine.

FDA: Kids’ Medical Tests Need Child-Size Radiation
The government is taking steps to help ensure that children who need CT scans and other X-ray-based tests don’t get an adult-sized dose of radiation.

Bans on School Junk Food Pay Off in California
Five years after California started cracking down on junk food in school cafeterias, a new report shows that high school students there consume fewer calories and less fat and sugar at school than students in other states.

Kids Who Sleep in Parents’ Bed Less Likely to Be Overweight
Children who wake up at night and are allowed to fall back asleep in their parents’ bed are less likely to be overweight than kids put back into their own bed, a new study says.

Four Kids Rescued from Hood of Moving Car, Fort Wayne Police Say
Two people are in police custody after they allegedly strapped four children to the hood of a car and drove off after leaving a Fort Wayne liquor store, CBS affiliate WANE reported.

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  1. by save riley

    On May 9, 2012 at 11:53 am

    Please inform yourself you tube is a good place to start …. Search the world CPS see what you find. Dont wate this is more important the the air you breath.

  2. by Save riley

    On May 9, 2012 at 11:56 am