Motivation Monday

Let’s start the week off with a new snack and work-out move to keep up healthy habits!

This Week’s Work-Out Move: inner-thigh squat. Traditional squats are super beneficial, but it’s smart to target all parts of the legs. It will enhance your strength and keep you looking trim. Stand in a traditional hip-width squat stance, and turn your feet out so that your hips are open. Lift your right heel up, and sink into a deep squat. As always, make sure that your knees don’t go over your toes. Repeat for 12 repetitions, and do the same movement on the left side. Move through three sets, and use 5-10 pound dumbbells for an added challenge.

Healthy Snack of the Week: cherries. The fruit is full of anti-inflammatory properties and makes for an ideal afternoon snack. Eat it raw, or spice up your snack a little bit. You can dip it in melted dark chocolate and freeze it the night before to make a more decadent cherry. If you are looking for some extra protein, you can add cherry slices, coconut flakes, and some flax seeds to a small Greek yogurt.

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