Easy Reading with the NOOK Simple Touch

Books are timeless joys for you and your kids, but sometimes it’s inconvenient to lug them around or check out all of your child’s favorites from the library. Long gone are the days of carting around your novels–the new NOOK Simple Touch holds over 2.5 million books and allows you to borrow books from your public library. It also stays charged for about two months at a time, and it’s lightweight so you can throw it in your purse and whip it out while the kids are waiting for an appointment, bored on errands, or simply just need entertainment. The best part is that it still reads like a book and isn’t affected by sunlight (similar to the Kindle). To top it off, the NOOK has a variety of kid-friendly apps available! You can get it for $79 now. Click here for more details.

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