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Autism May Be Linked to Obesity During Pregnancy
Obesity during pregnancy may increase chances for having a child with autism, provocative new research suggests.

Apps Helping Autistic Children Communicate
Children with autism typically have difficulty communicating and interacting with others. Manuel Gallegus reports on one school in New Jersey that is using iPhone and iPad apps to change all that.

Colombian Girl, 10, Gives Birth to Daughter
Young mother, a member of the indigenous Wayuu tribe, delivered by C-section.

Emotional Trauma May Hurt Toddlers’ Later Learning
Suffering emotional trauma such as witnessing domestic violence or being abused early in life may inhibit children’s intellectual development, according to a new study.

Fertility Clinic Founder May Have Fathered Up to 600 Children
A pioneering British scientist who set up a controversial London fertility clinic with his wife in the 1940s may have fathered up to 600 children, according to research from two men who have discovered they are his biological sons.

Will High Gas Prices Bring On Another Summer of the ‘Staycation’?
Remember the “staycation“? In 2009, when recession concerns reached their peak, the term came into widespread use, referring to the practice of staying home (or close to home) as a money-saving alternative to the traditional vacation involving a flight or long road trip. Rising gas prices may bring on a staycation sequel in 2012.

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