Motivation Monday

Let’s start the week off with a new snack and work-out move to keep up healthy habits!

This Week’s Work-Out Move: side plank. Start with your right side and lie down on the ground with your legs stacked. Slowly raise your hips and legs off the ground while balancing on your right forearm. Rest your left arm across your chest or raise it upward for a more advanced position. Hold this position for 30 seconds to a minute and repeat three times. Don’t forget the left side! You can squeeze in your three times throughout the day or knock them out consecutively.

Healthy Snack of the Week: Cinnamon-dusted orange slices. Peel a medium-sized orange and sprinkle it with cinnamon seasoning. For added sweetness, give slices a touch of Agave nectar or Stevia. This snack works perfectly when you are really in the mood for a treat and it’s packed with vitamin C. Get the kids involved and have them help peel oranges and then share the sweet slices with the family.

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