Grooming Dad: The Manly Soaps of Otter Creek

The time has finally come for the Dads of Parents to have some insight into the world of men’s grooming! I’m Zane Hatton, and I’ll be your guide. Together we will be looking at some great products that will keep Dad looking fresh.

To get started, I found a new line of soaps by Otter Creek. If you can’t seem to get enough of the outdoors, these products are right up your alley. The OCreek soaps are formulated to clean all that nature throws at you, and they’re packaged in a way to make any outdoorsman proud.

The smell of the Spit Shine body wash and the Hair of the Dog-Birchwood shampoo remind me of my grandfather, and they’ve kept my skin and hair soft–something wives will appreciate. You can find these products at, and they retail for $18 and $16, respectively.

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