Motivation Monday

Let’s start the week off on the right foot! Get moving with these tips to stay healthy and fit. Here is your weekly dose of inspiration to jump start your Monday.

This Week’s Work-Out Move: the jump squat. Time is short, so this move is ideal because you can pack your cardio and strength training in one exercise. Start low in a squat position, making sure that your knees don’t go over your toes. Your legs should form a 90-degree angle in the bent position. Use your arms to help power yourself into a jump and then land softly, sitting back into your initial squat position. Repeat this explosive movement for 30 seconds to a minute, five times. You will definitely feel your heart rate rise, so be sure to give yourself adequate recovery time. If the jump is a little too much for you, try the basic squat and skip the explosive aspect of the movement. Either way, you will still strengthen your legs. This savvy exercise move is easy to do while dinner is cooking or during commercial breaks.

Healthy Snack of the Week: banana-almond-butter bonanza. This yummy snack can serve as an afternoon rejuvenator or a late-night treat. Take half of a banana and slice it up into quarter length pieces. Put the pieces in a bowl and sprinkle with your desired amount of cinnamon. Nuke the cinnamon banana slices in the microwave for one minute. Get a tablespoon dollop of almond butter and place it on top of the banana pieces. This snack is a powerful combination of carbs and protein with a satisfying taste of indulgence. If you want to add a little sweetener, try Agave nectar. It’s an organic sweetener that skips the unhealthy additives.

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