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As a kid I learned to ski at Paoli Peeks in southern Indiana. Those of you who live in the west or northeast would laugh (think big hill with lots of fake snow; I didn’t learn the terms “piste” or “powder” in reference to skiing till I was in my 20s). But it didn’t matter. I loved it. Skiing was fun!! And I was determined once my kids were old enough I’d take them too. That day came just recently when we all hit the slopes at Smuggler’s Notch Resort near Stowe, Vermont. It turned out to be the perfect place to introduce little ones to skiing. Incredibly, they have ski instruction for kids as young as 2! My son is 3 and he was so proud that he got to ride the “magic carpet” on the mini bunny slope behind the Treasures daycare center (which, btw, was the most impressive daycare center I’ve ever seen — and I toured a lot in Manhattan while looking for a place for my daughter. See pic of the outside area below.) My daughter, 5, was equally as excited in her ski school class, Discovery Dynamos, even though the previous weekend  she couldn’t stand the 30 degree weather and snow longer than precisely 3 minutes as we attempted to go sledding. It’s amazing what kids will do when you’re not around for them to whine to! My husband and I sneaked up on our her and the rest of her class learning how to glide (“french fries!”) and stop (“pizza!”) by wedging and unwedging their ski tips. She glided along on the snow and even gave her instructor a high five. We slipped off smiling without her being the wiser. But the moment was priceless. And both kids want to go back! Success!

For more on getting your kids ready to ski and how to do it on a budget, check out this story in the current issue of Parents.

And this upcoming week at Smuggler’s Notch is Winter Week and Thursday, Feb. 23, is their annual Winter Carnival which is co-sponsored by Parents‘ sister publication, Family Fun. It’s a great opportunity to get out with the fam and teach your kids to ski. Click here for deals and details. And let us know how your kids took to the slopes!

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  1. by Kara Corridan

    On February 16, 2012 at 10:19 am

    “It’s amazing what kids will do when you’re not around for them to whine to!” Couldn’t agree more!