Children’s Books About Pets for Responsible Pet Owners Month

February is Responsible Pet Owners Month, so if your kid is begging for a pet or has shirked his responsibilities of caring for one, these picture books are great reminders about the joy of owning pets and having four-legged friends.

Prudence Wants a Pet by Cathleen Daly – Prudence imagines having a pet, but her parents object to the expense and noise.  Laugh along as she decides to adopt unusual objects as her best friends — until her dream for a real pet finally comes true!

Melvin and the Boy by Lauren Castillo - Living in a city, a boy yearns for pet.  One day, he discovers a turtle with a yellow spot in the park, brings him home, and names him Melvin. But slowly the boy discovers some animals need to stay in their natural habitats.

Not Inside This House! by Kevin Lewis – Told in fun rhymes, this story follows a little boy with a big name, Livingstone Columbus Magellan Crouse, who loves to explore like his famous namesakes.  Along the way, he brings home some unexpected animals as house pets, to his mother’s exasperation.

Children Make Terrible Pets by Peter Brown – When a female bear finds a little boy in the woods, she immediately becomes his caretaker and discovers kids don’t make very obedient pets.  Brown, known for his hilarious and colorful books, gives a unique twist to a popular theme.

The Lost and Found Pony by Tracy Dockray – Fans of “Warhouse” will be touched by this story of how a little girl and her pony are reunited after years of separation.

A Cat Like That by Wendy Wahman – “What does a cat want in a best friend?” Find out the answers and discover if you would make the perfect cat owner!

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