Alyson Hannigan’s Potty Training Tips

We’re gonna go ahead and guess that potty training isn’t your favorite part of parenthood. But it’s a task that every parent and child has to get through, so why not make it fun? This past weekend, How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan partnered with Pull-Ups to host a Potty Dance Party, introducing a new way to train. “Potty training is a big deal, so why not kick it off with a celebration?” says Hannigan. “The potty dance turns a daunting task into a fun, exciting experience.”  (See video clips of Hannigan’s Potty Dance Party here.)


How do you know if your tot is ready to start? If she shows an interest in the bathroom, tells you when she has to go, or asks to be changed, she’s giving you the hint. When that happens, kick off the training journey with a Potty Dance Party. “When my daughter was interested, I would sit her on the potty, and if she went it was a huge deal,” says Hannigan. “It wasn’t until I picked a day and committed to it, and began asking her every 20 minutes if she needed to go, that it actually worked.” That’s not to say she hasn’t had any hiccups (Hannigan notes a couple public-restroom-automatic-flush incidents that scared her daughter, Satyana), but the combination of keeping it fun and offering an organic-gummy-vitamin reward for going potty in public has helped them both get through training.


Visit to learn the potty dance steps and song and to start planning your own Potty Dance Party.

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