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35% of Child Sex Abuse Caused by Minors
Recent high-profile cases of child sex abuse have roused national revulsion against the adults who perpetrated them. Rarely mentioned is the sobering statistic that more than one-third of the sexual abuse of America’s children is committed by other minors.

Experts Say Current Lead Poisoning Levels Are Set Too High
Lead poisoning continues to be a serious health problem for young children, especially those living in cities, so a government committee is recommending that the definition of lead poisoning be changed, to include even lower levels of exposure to the toxic chemical.

NY Schools Warned Free Breakfasts May Lead to Obesity
A top New York City Department of Health official has criticized a free breakfast program in city schools, saying it makes poor kids fat.

Post Analysis: Blacks Much More Likely to Get Suspended from D.C. Area Schools
Data suggest African American students are two to five times more likely to get suspended or expelled as their white peers and that the gap exists across the region’s urban, suburban and rural school districts.

Some Babies’ Sleep Problems May Last Through the Toddler Years
Some children who have sleep problems in infancy might still have trouble sleeping when they’re older, a study finds.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Security Prevented Man from Visiting His Twins at Hospital, He Claims
The arrival of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s newborn daughter at a Manhattan hospital has inconvenienced a man who says the couple’s security team has prevented him from visiting his two prematurely-born twin girls.

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