Make Your Memories into a Quilt

The piles and piles of old soccer jerseys, that tiny keepsake “Baby’s First Birthday” shirt, your little one’s first Gap pullover–and you can’t forget their beloved baby blanket that has seen better years–are all important to you. But what do you do when your child outgrows these items?

If you aren’t interested in tossing those delicate memories to the side, consider getting your child’s favorite t-shirts quilted by uBlanket. You can design your blanket online and the company will ship your personalized quilt within two weeks. It’s an efficient and everlasting way to hold on to the best of your kid’s childhood. You won’t only be saving space, you will be preserving a timeline that highlights the activities and passions of your kid throughout the years. Bonus: Your child can collect the blankets and pass them down to their own tiny ones. It’s a tradition that keeps on giving!

The quilts range in price from $189-$249, and you can choose from the classic t-shirt blanket, a blanket with a sweatshirt fleece border, or a blanket with sashing and a border. To find out how it works, click here.

uBlanket keeps spreading the love, even after making your personal quilt. They use extra scraps to make blankets that they then donate to homeless children through Project Night Night.

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  1. by eileen noonan

    On January 13, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    very interesting – love that they donate blankets to Project Night Night! Thanks for the good info.

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