Is Your Child Prepared for an Emergency?

The thought of witnessing someone in danger can send chills down your spine, but the thought of that person being your own child is downright terrifying. NBC News recently did a report on how 9-year-old Malik Gipson performed the Heimlich maneuver after his 2-year-old brother started choking on a piece of candy. Gipson’s quick thinking and heroism ultimately saved the life of his younger brother.

While the emergency technique is good for everyone to know, this story shows how important it is to prepare your children for emergency situations. Gipson was lucky to have seen the Heimlich on a show on Disney XD—and it stuck with him. There are creative ways you can appeal to your kid’s need for entertainment while teaching him or her about safety.

  • Try turning playtime into an opportunity to practice an emergency evacuation from different areas of the house to a designated safe spot outside.
  • Have your kids draw colorful posters to display as a reminder of what they’ve learned about emergency situations.
  • Read a picture book that teaches the do’s and don’ts of safety. Amazon has titles for every age group.

Looking for more ideas? Check out these emergencies guides on And find more safety at and–both have some creative tips to help get you started. For a more direct approach, don’t forget about the American Red Cross, which offers safety classes on a wide range of subjects from first-aid at schools to water safety for the summer.



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