Daniel Radcliffe: ‘I Do Want a Small Army of Children’

It’s tough not to be charmed by Daniel Radcliffe, who will always be known first and foremost as Harry Potter.  He’s very articulate, intelligent, funny, and hyper-aware of the downfalls of being a child celeb.  In fall 2011, I had the chance to see Radcliffe being interviewed for a Broadway Talks event at the YMCA in New York City and he was surprisingly down-to-earth.

Parade.com recently interviewed Radcliffe about his first post-Potter movie, “The Woman in Black,” a supernatural thriller in which he plays a young father who has lost his wife.  In a candid video, Radcliffe shares how he adjusted to portraying a father on screen and why he would want to, in his words, have “a small army of children.”  Watch the video below and read highlights from the Parade magazine interview with Radcliffe


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