Webtastic Wednesday

Who doesn’t love watching cute, laugh-out-loud videos on a Wednesday? I know I do.  It’s the perfect pick-me-up on hump day. So take a 5-minute break, slump back on your favorite chair and press play.

1) Watermelon Baby

I love fruit and I also love babies. So, you’ll have to trust when I say that I freaked out when this video popped up on my screen. Check out Watermelon Baby.

2) Stalker Kitty

C’mon, you’d love it if your pet were this quick on its paws. Take a look at Stalker Kitty.

3) The “Biggie” Baby

From a baby nestled in a watermelon to a baby who can’t get enough of Notorious B.I.G, is there anything we haven’t seen?

The Biggie Baby

4) O.B “Sorry” Video

In what’s probably the most brilliant marketing idea I’ve seen (take that, you Reese’s Pieces-loving Extra-Terrestrial!), o.b. Ultra tampons created an interactive “sorry” video—made just for you.

Here’s the backstory: In the fall of 2010, the applicator-free product was disappearing from store shelves, leaving loyal users in a panic. The tampons started showing up again in the spring, but the Ultras were still nowhere to be seen. But—get ready, ladies—the company announced their return in 2012. And they’re really, really sorry for the absence. Really.

Go ahead and type in your name here. We won’t judge if you’re envisioning your hubby on that piano.

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