Webtastic Wednesday

This week’s Webtastic Wednesday includes a puppy with a lot of perseverance and children who get duped by their own parents—umm, we’ll let you watch for yourself:

Wobblin’ Pup

We take many things for granted—including our ability to get right back up after a fall. This French Bulldog tries its hardest to do the same. But does the wobblin’ pup succeed? Take a look here.


Pint-Size Serenade

What’s better than a tiny cutie singing the Beatles’ classic “Hey Jude”? I’m thinking not too much. The kid superstar dons diapers and plays a guitar (that looks to be taller than he is) on his sofa-made stage. Paul McCartney, eat your heart out. We dare you not to crack a smile.



Baby Loves Paper

Oh, if only ripping paper was our idea of fun. But watching this baby in pink having a giggle fit may just be a suitable substitute.


Jimmy Kimmel dared parents to lie to their kids…

And a handful of them did just that.  On his show, Jimmy Kimmel gave parents the task to give their children one (bad) present before Christmas. Many chose to wrap rotten or half-eaten food. The video drew criticism, calling Kimmel cruel and unfair, while others said it was all in good fun. What do you think of it?

Photo Source: Harper Smith/ABC


What was your favorite WW video? Did you find one you’d like to share?

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