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Third Baby Ill with Rare Bacteria Associated with Tainted Formula
An Oklahoma baby is the third infant this month sickened by bacteria sometimes associated with tainted infant formula.

After Christmas Death, Teen Leaves Online Message Behind
A Texas teen who died suddenly on Christmas Day from a congenital heart condition, is touching thousands of people around the world with a video he posted shortly before his death.

Target Nurse-In: Did It Change Perceptions of Public Breast-Feeding?
Boobs and babes took center stage Wednesday morning as nursing mothers held “nurse-ins” at Target stores across the country to assert their right to breast-feed their children in public.

Smoking During Pregnancy May Be Tied to Children’s Vascular Damage
Children of parents who smoke during pregnancy may show signs of vascular damage by the age of 5.

2012 Brings Changes in Car Seat Law
Current California law mandates children under 6 and weighing less than 60 pounds have to ride in a booster seat. Come January 1, that will change and the change is catching a lot of parents off guard.

Toddler Racks Up $200 iPhone Bill
When 20-month-old London Hall got a hold of her parent’s iPhone, she went on a shopping spree within one of the games racking up a $200 bill in the App Store.

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