Our Elf, Max, on TV tonight!

We caught on to the Elf on the Shelf trend a little late in my house. The incredibly clever product came on the market more than five years ago now (and was created by two moms, of course!). But if you haven’t heard of it, let me brief you. You buy an Elf in the store (Santa puts them there) and you read the book that comes with him, An Elf’s Story. In the story you learn all about him and his purpose. He is here to watch the children of the household and report back to Santa every night if they have been naughty or nice. You have to give him a name — my daughter named ours “Max” last year — and every morning he magically appears in a new spot in the house. (That’s the trickiest part, moms: Remembering.) But it’s worth it for this powerful line: “Max is watching you!!” Here’s where he popped up this morning:


And tonight he is going to be on TV. Well, all the Elves on the Shelf will be there. The show originally aired around Thanksgiving. But if you missed it, you can watch tonight on CBS at 9:30 ET/PT (or DVR it). My kids got to review it this morning and were mesmerized: “Hey! That’s Max!”


For more Elf on the Shelf delight, or just to pee your pants laughing (this one had to be made for the parents), check out the Elf Training Video.


Now that’s holiday cheer folks!


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