Kick Back with the Kids

Picture this:  A relaxing start to the holidays with you and the kiddies curled up on the couch with cups of hot cocoa watching…. Hmm…. Not that again!

Keep the kids entertained and beat winter break boredom with a new selection from Netflix called “Just for Kids.” The channel offers family-friendly viewing of kid’s content geared for ages 12 and under.  The section is organized by category—superheroes, princesses, dinosaurs, and more—or you can search by clicking on your favorite character, like Elmo or Dora, to find a selection of TV shows and movies featuring that character.

“Just for Kids” is currently available on PC, Mac, and Wii and will be coming soon to other platforms. With unlimited streaming memberships starting at $8 a month, a Netflix subscription may just be the perfect stocking stuffer for your kid.

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  1. by Charlie Watkins

    On December 5, 2011 at 9:18 pm

    Beware if you want to load the Just For Kids upgrade on your Wii. Unfortunately, the Just For Kids update for Wii makes Netflix almost unusable on the platform. It is very sluggish to respond to the remote, slow to load and it seems the the shows have trouble streaming. This is quite different behavior than the previous Netlix application. You may want to wait until the fix this problem.