Happy Hanukkah Holiday Shopping!

As a kid growing up in a Jewish home, it was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find decorations for my house…other than a menorah. Trying to find gifts for my family members? Forget about it! Manufacturers don’t make Hanukkah Santa hats or blue-and-white candy canes. Head into any  store and you’ll find rows of Christmas stuff, and if you’re lucky, a small rack dedicated to me and my fellow Jews. However, it seems this year that retailers are finally recognizing my shopping nightmare–and have granted us all a holiday wish: toys for those who don’t celebrate Christmas! Check out Build-a-Bear for quite a few blue-and-white customization options. If you don’t feel like getting creative, they even have a pre-made bear (featured to the right) all set and ready to buy! If you’re looking for a festive story time, you can check out the awesome Chanukah Lights pop-up book by Michael J. Rosen and Robert Sabuda. Then, when all is said and done, head on over to Dylan’s Candy Bar for a variety of Hanukkah themed treats to nosh on. They’ve got everything from Gift Baskets to individual chocolate bars to chocolate dreidels. Happy Hanukkah!

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