What You Don’t Know About the American Baby Cover Contest

We all know that the incentive to enter the cover contest is to get your little beauty on the cover of American Baby, right? Actually…while that’s an amazing prize, I personally don’t think it’s the best part. Having worked at American Baby for the past 3+ years, I know a thing or two about the excitement that surrounds this annual event. So between you and me, here are the little-known prizes that I think make it so worth entering:

1.     The anticipation. You know how, when you have a big event coming up—a wedding, a vacation, a family reunion—it puts a smile on your face just thinking about it? When you’re one of the five finalists, the day of the photo shoot is one of those literally-can’t-wait occasions—and it’s all the more exciting because it’s once in a lifetime.

2.     It’s family bonding time. When I called April Schneider last year to tell her that her daughter, Sienna, was going to be on the cover, one of the things she said she loved most about the experience was having a few days as a family in New York City to attend the photo shoot: “My husband and I are working parents and we don’t take many vacations. It was a treat for us.”

3.     The camaraderie. On the day of the shoot, five parent/child teams show up a little unsure of what to expect. It doesn’t surprise me that the parents bond with each other over the completely exciting and foreign experience they’re sharing. One of the finalists emailed me weeks after the shoot and mentioned that all the moms had kept in contact. My (admittedly) emotional self was touched to be a part of bringing this group of women together.

4.     Your baby is on the cover of American Baby! Okay, so I can’t deny that this is a really cool part of the whole experience. But this very public announcement comes with an equally amazing intimate moment. When I asked last year’s winner what she was thinking when she found out her daughter was going to be on the cover, she said: “I envisioned pointing out the magazine to Sienna and asking her who it was on the cover. And I imagine her saying, ‘Senna’ (her pronunciation of her name) with a big smile on her face and it’ll melt my heart!” What a keepsake!

Want to get in on the excitement? Click here to enter.


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