Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas from Evette Rios

With Thanksgiving just a week away, you probably still have a ton to do: final menu planning, shopping, cleaning, cooking. And let’s not forget setting the holiday dinner table. To help you check the latter off your list, we asked Evette Rios (right), craft and design expert and entertaining contributor for eHow Food, to share a few of her favorite wallet-friendly decorating ideas. The best part? Your kids can make all of them from fallen leaves on your lawn!

For all of the project ideas below, start by making a simple leaf rubbing. Place a leaf vein side up under a piece of paper—Evette used a thin, colorful rice paper—and rub the paper with the flat side of a crayon. Cut out the shape of the leaf and repeat to create as many as desired. “These leaves are so easy to make that you can get the entire family involved,” says Rios. “Make a whole bunch and really brighten up your holiday table.”

Leaf Project 1: Using a kid-safe needle and thread, string together a bunch of leaves to make a garland. Hang it from a chandelier above your table or drape it across the dining room wall.

Leaf Project 2: Place a leaf on each dinner plate for a fall-themed place card. Have kids write each guests’ name on top using a bright colored crayon or marker.

Leaf Project 3: Glue the leaves to twigs and sticks, then place them in a small jar to make a rustic centerpiece for the kids’ table. “These handmade leaves look beautiful when the light hits them, and they’ll stay vibrant, colorful and won’t dry out like the real ones,” says Rios.






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