Shop to Benefit Your Kid’s School

It’s that time of year again when your kid comes home talking about the dreaded F-word… FUNDRAISING.  But raising money to support your child’s school shouldn’t be a chore.  And thanks to a new initiative by Microsoft called Deals for Schools, it doesn’t have to be.  You can save money on your shopping–and your school will receive a portion of your purchases.  How?  An outgrowth of Bing Deals, which is a shopping site that aggregates the best deals for products and services available in your area, Deals for Schools works in much the same way.  The difference is that Deals for Schools allows non-profit school groups and organizations, like your child’s Glee Club or Math League, to earn a commission off of deals bought through the site.

Two ways to earn money for your school:

  • Recruit new vendors for the site and earn a commission off of every deal they sell.
  • Post a link to Deals for Schools on your social media accounts and websites and earn your organization money every time a consumer purchases a deal through your link.
Why not become the most popular parent at your next PTA meeting and suggest a fundraising campaign that everyone can be happy with. Sign up your child’s school group and say bye-bye to door-to-door wrapping paper and chocolate sales.
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  1. by Michael Pate

    On November 2, 2011 at 5:20 pm


    I appreciate your position and greatly respect your work. However, Microsoft is not calling them self deals for schools. They are calling this bing deals for schools. They are obviously trying to ride the coat tail of the real Deals for Schools which can be found @ The “real” deals for Schools offers schools many more resources in addition to daily deals to earn money for their school, such as online shopping and travel. Microsoft is basically using the school leaders as their salespeople to source their deals. would never ask a school do do anything but help spread the word to the parents. Here is a link to a video to see how our online shopping works.

    Thanks for your time:)