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Heading Soccer Balls Can Lead to Brain Damage, Study Says
Regularly heading a soccer ball—even just a few times a day—can lead to brain injury, according to a recent study.

What’s in a Name? Ask Google
In our still-budding digital world, where public and private spheres cross-pollinate in unpredictable ways, perhaps it’s not surprising that soon-to-be parents now routinely turn to Google to vet baby names.

Young Adults’ Coverage May Cost Parents Even More
An increasing number of employers are turning to “per participant” or “unitized” pricing so an employee’s payroll contribution increases with each dependent a worker adds to their coverage, according to Aon Hewitt, a large Chicago benefits consultancy.

Soldier Races Home from Iraq, Just in Time for Son’s Birth
Spc. Asbai Ramirez says he made it to the hospital on Thanksgiving about 30 minutes before his wife, Ashleigh, gave birth.

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