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Mother of Missing Arizona 5-Year-Old Arrested
Arizona authorities on Monday arrested the mother of a 5-year-old girl last seen more than a month ago, a police sergeant said.

Parents Want Sexting Principal’s Boss Fired
More heads could roll following the case of a Lake Forest principal caught sending sexually graphic pictures to a college student. Parents at Deer Path Middle School are demanding the district superintendent, Dr. Harry Griffith, resign for not responding to the case quickly enough.

South Korea Pulls Plug on Late-Night Adolescent Online Gamers
In its effort to curb game addiction among adolescents, South Korea pulled the plug this weekend on young gamers after midnight by blocking access to game websites, putting a hotly debated law into practice.

Kid Apps Explode on Smartphones and Tablets. But Are They Good for Your Children?
How young is too young to use a smartphone? In a growing number of families across the country, infants and toddlers are deftly swiping and tapping away even as they wobble toward their first steps.

Over 20 Million Kindergarten-Age Children Living Without Their Parents in China
One sad side effect of China’s economic miracle: 23 million children under the age of five now live apart from both their parents, who have left home to find work in the country’s cities, according to a newly released statistic.

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