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Motivating Students With Cash-For-Grades Incentive
It is a problem every parent — and every teacher — has faced: how best to motivate students to work and study. In the United Arab Emirates, the government has decided to try an approach many exasperated parents have considered: cash payments for good grades.

Brain Changes in Video Gamers: Addiction or Just People Having Fun?
A new study finds changes in brain regions associated with addiction in frequent video gaming teenagers. But the findings raise questions about whether such research is really relevant to the understanding of true addiction.

Spacing Siblings At Least Two Years Apart Makes Kids Smarter
Older children who are born at least two years before a younger sibling’s debut are smarter, according to research that is due to be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Human Resources.

Acupuncture Safe for Children, Review Finds
When done by well-trained professionals, acupuncture can be a safe treatment for children, new research suggests.

Wisconsin Parents Accused of Starving Infant Out of Fear She Would Become Obese
A Wisconsin couple who were worried that their infant daughter would become obese starved her for months, causing the girl to gain just 5 pounds in the 14 months after her birth, prosecutors allege.

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