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Penn State Scandal: How Parents Can Talk to Kids About Sex Abuse
As Penn State reels from a sex-abuse scandal that led Wednesday to the ousters of Joe Paterno, the winningest coach in major college football, and university president Graham Spanier, parents are left wondering whom to trust.

Programming for Children, Minus Cryptic Syntax
Adults have developed easy-to-understand programming tools to encourage children to create and collaborate on computers.

Online Program Doesn’t Help Kids Stay Slim
A series of interactive computer exercises designed to encourage healthy eating and physical activity didn’t keep middle schoolers in the Netherlands from gaining extra weight, according to a new study.

To Deter Risky UV Exposure, Appeal to Teens’ Vanity
The most effective method for reaching this demographic was using booklets, photographs and videos showing how the sun ages and damages skin.

Gov’t Issues Warning About High-Powered Magnets and Risk to Children
The government on Thursday warned about a growing problem with powerful ball-bearing magnets, such as those used in desktop toys for adults, and the risk they can pose to children.

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