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School Lunch Proposals Set Off a Dispute
A proposal to cut back on potatoes and sodium in the federal school lunch program is being met by fierce resistance from agricultural and food service interests.

Surgeons Separate California Conjoined Twins
Twin 2-year-old girls who were joined at the chest and abdomen were separated Tuesday during a lengthy, complex procedure at Stanford University’s children’s hospital.

In Trimming School Budgets, More Officials Turn to a Four-Day Week
Pressed for dollars, a growing number of public schools are doing what many educators once considered unimaginable: eliminating an entire school day each week.

Fewer U.S. Babies Being Born Early, Report Says
When it comes to babies being carried to full term, the United States is improving, according to the most recent March of Dimes report card.

Report Slams Makers of Sugary Drinks for Targeting Kids
A new report claims that the makers of sugar-laden drinks such as sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks and fruit drinks take direct aim at children, particularly black and Hispanic kids, in their marketing campaigns.

Donated Breast Milk for Needy Babies Runs Low
Milk does the body good, but milk banks around the country are running low on the goods.

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