As You Start to Think About Thanksgiving…

…and everything you’re going to prepare for and/or eat with your family, you might want to also think about those families who never have enough to eat. If you read this blog regularly you know that hunger in the U.S. is an important topic to us here at Parents. In this country, 17 million children live in a household that’s “food insecure,” or has difficulty providing food for all of its members. As horrible a stat as that is, it’s encouraging to know how many organizations and events have been created to improve those numbers. WhyHunger is one such group, and every November it holds a Hungerthon to raise money to stop poverty and hunger–not just in the U.S. but all over the world. If you’d like to help the cause, Hungerthon gives you lots of ways to do it:

You can donate online. Right now Hungerthon has raised $77,000, with 15 days left to reach its goal of $750,000.

You can buy items from its John Lennon-inspired Imagine There’s No Hunger line of gifts, part of a larger campaign to end childhood hunger and poverty on a global scale.

You can bid on exclusive auction items. There are more than 60; here are just a few:


This Saturday, November 19,  and next Tuesday, November 22, Hungerthon will broadcast a live radiothon broadcast on stations all around the greater NYC area and nationwide on Sirius/XM. Try to tune in and think about how you may want to contribute.


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