The Quirk My Kid Shared With His Daycare Class

My one-year-old son Mason has barely eaten this week, so I’ve started to call him The Little Food Camel. This morning I added another nickname to the list: The Ornery Influence.

Mason growls like a little monster and shrieks – “quirks” that our pediatrician says are normal and mean he is just very verbal. When Mason started daycare last month, I had hoped the new words he’d learn would replace the growls and shrieks, but this morning I learned that he’s been sharing his quirky communication skills with the rest of the class.

As I was dropping Mason off, one of his little friends walked over to us and growled. My first thought was, Awesome! Mason’s not the only kid in this class who growls! Then his teacher laughed and said, “Mason has the entire class growling and shrieking now. Even M, who never used to make a peep, shrieks now.”  Great, we must be really popular with the other parents now, I thought.

I left the school feeling a mixture of humor and embarrassment about the situation. If any of the other parents happen to mention it to me, I’ll be happy to spring for earplugs.

Has your child picked up a quirk from daycare? Or has he/she shared one with the rest of the class? How have you handled it?

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