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Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Study: Better Neighborhood Lowers Obesity, Diabetes Risk
Low-income moms who move from very poor neighborhoods to less disadvantaged ones lower their risk of becoming extremely obese and developing type 2 diabetes, a study reveals.

Autistic Children Have Distinct Facial Features, Study Suggests
We may be a step closer in understanding what causes autism, say University of Missouri researchers after finding differences between the facial characteristics of children who have autism and those who don’t.

Parents Go Online Before Going to the ER
One in eight parents goes online for medical information about their child’s condition before taking the child to the emergency room, according to new research.

Record Percentage of Illinois Schools Fail to Meet Federal Targets
Two-thirds of Illinois public schools this year failed to meet federal test targets that signal students can read and do math well, marking a record rate of failure for the state’s school system.

Apps Help Parents Keep Track of Children on Halloween
Five apps for mobile devices with GPS-enabled location tracking technology allow parents to know where their trick-or-treaters are at all times.

Cancer-Stricken Mom Chooses Baby’s Life Over Hers
Stacie Crimm, a 41-year-old single mother, received the grim diagnosis of terminal head and neck cancer just months after her little girl was conceived. She opted to skip chemotherapy to protect her growing fetus.

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