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Newborns Left Vulnerable When Mom Waits to Get Whooping Cough Vaccine
Women should be vaccinated against pertussis, or whooping cough, during pregnancy rather than after giving birth because postpartum vaccinations do not provide enough protection to newborns during their most vulnerable period, a new study says.

Are Probiotics Safe for Kids?
Probiotics are so common in yogurt these days, you might not think twice about giving foods laced with “good” bacteria to your youngsters. But do probiotics provide any benefits for children?

Kids Who Watch More TV Have Poorer Diabetes Control
Kids with type 1 diabetes who spend hours in front of a TV or computer each day may have poorer blood sugar control, a new study suggests.

In Calif., No More Tanning Beds for Under-18 Crowd
California girls who dream about the sun-kissed skin glorified in song by Katy Perry will have to wait until they turn 18 before they can get the effect from tanning beds under a new first-in-the-nation law.

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