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Small Fixes — Micronutrient Vitamin Powders for Children
Babies cannot swallow vitamin pills, but in the developing world, there are many who need the nutritional boost that vitamins can provide.

Eating Sweets Early in Pregnancy Can Mean Obese Baby
Expectant mothers who consumed more sweets and sugar-sweetened beverages during the first trimester of their pregnancies were more likely to have obese babies than those whose intake was lower, a new study shows.

CDC: Sleepy Teens More Likely to Have Risky Behavior
Most teens don’t get enough sleep, putting then at risk for a slew of unhealthy behaviors, from physical inactivity to fighting, according to a new U.S. study.

Parents Delaying, Skipping Recommended Vaccines
Researchers worry that more parents may be refusing vaccines in the future, raising the risk that diseases like measles and whooping cough will spread in schools and communities.

‘Autistic’ Mice Help Researchers Study Disorder
Researchers have engineered a new type of mouse that models autism and could aid in the development of treatments for the disorder, a new study says.

Early To Bed, Early To Rise Keeps Kids Lean, Study Says
Kids who go to bed early and get up early are less likely to become obese than those who do not, according to an Australian study released Friday.

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