National Fire Prevention Week (October 9-15)

In addition to making sure there are always fresh batteries in your home’s smoke detector, staying calm, being prepared, and knowing what to do during a fire emergency are the first steps to staying out of danger.

This week, as focus is on fire safety and fire prevention, think about introducing everyone to life-saving methods.  First, have an open conversation about fire dangers with your kids.  Then, keep kids and objects that can easily catch fire  at least three feet away from the hottest parts of your house, such as the stove, the fireplace, any candles, etc.  Also, make sure there are working smoke detectors on every floor of your house and that you test them at least once a month.  (According to the CDC, an average of 4 out of 10 fire deaths happen in homes without working smoke alarms.)  Finally, organize an escape plan and practice it several times.  (Read more about protecting your family from fires.)

You can also suggest that your child’s class take a field trip to the local fire department to learn safety tips first hand – that will come in handy if you ever face an unexpected emergency at home.  (Read our Executive Editor’s pancake breakfast/fire alarm experience.)

Visit the U.S. Fire Administration website for additional fire safety guidelines.

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