A Show to Watch With the Kids

This Sunday, October 9, my family and I will be watching “Growing Hope Against Hunger,” a one-hour Sesame Street special designed to raise awareness about hunger in the United States and its impact on children. (Click on the screen to watch a behind-the-scenes video.) This is a topic we pay close attention to at Parents (see our story and the accompanying mini-documentary), and it’s one that the folks at Sesame Street have been addressing for quite some time. They have an initiative called Food For Thought which offers resources that provide assistance, powerful videos of families affected by hunger, and much more. This primetime special is the latest step, made possible by funding from Walmart. It’s hosted by Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley and features a new Muppet named Lily, who sometimes needs the services of a food pantry. The special also features four families who candidly share their own experiences in needing help getting enough to eat; they are the heart of “Growing Hope Against Hunger” and their stories will move you.

Every family with children as young as preschool-age can benefit from watching. Dr. Jeanette Betancourt, the senior vice president for outreach and educational practices at Sesame Workshop, told me that the special has two important missions: to continue to provide hope and strategies to those experiencing food insecurity, and to teach those who aren’t affected that they can play a role and help others. The goal is to jumpstart a meaningful conversation, whether it begins with “This is happening to our family, and we’re not alone” or “This is happening to families in our community, and there’s something we can do to help.” Families who don’t have enough to eat feel very isolated, she said. I especially liked what Dr. Betancourt said about the very act of talking about the problem: “It allows you to move forward.”

I’ll be honest: Hunger is not an issue I’ve ever explained to my daughters, who are 6 and 3. As a parent, I’m so glad to have a show like this to introduce the subject in a clear, compassionate way and to talk about how we can make a difference. Click here to find out when and on what channel the show will air in your area.

Okay, I have to end by showing this picture of me and a certain lovable, furry monster. I got to meet him over the summer when I visited the set of Sesame Street (career highlight!) to watch the filming of “Growing Hope Against Hunger.”

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  1. by Krishann

    On October 8, 2011 at 8:48 am

    I am so glad this will be airing. I think it’s important that children (and adults) see this. I’ve talked to my daughter about hunger but to SEE it ,happening in families that are in many ways no different than ours, I think is so much more powerful and may allow her to relate. This is an issue that does and can affect so many of us. Easily. It’s going to be great for children and parents to also see that there’s something they can do too and I think help teach the importance of compassion and giving. Lessons that will be important for us parents to continue to put into practice if we aren’t already.

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