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Smokers’ kids have more ear infections
Kids whose parents smoke are more likely to get ear infections and have hearing problems, according to a new review paper.

Daycare owner accused of drugging milk
The owner of a Van Alstyne, Texas daycare has been accused of putting antihistamines in children’s food so they would fall asleep after lunch.

On the First Day of School, a Million Students Finding Their Seats
As 1.1 million students and 77,000 teachers returned to school in New York City on Thursday, Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott made the traditional five-borough tour, saying his “goal is to set a high bar for our parents, our teachers, to aspire to.”

Babies Distinguish Pain from Touch at 35-37 Weeks, Research Finds
Babies can distinguish painful stimuli as different from general touch from around 35-37 weeks gestation — just before an infant would normally be born — according to new research.

Pageant mom defends daughter’s hooker costume
Wendy Dickey tells HLN’s Joy Behar why she dressed her 3-year-old like Julia Roberts’ hooker character in “Pretty Woman.”

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