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Some Young Children May Need Only One Flu Shot This Year
Usually, children between the ages of 6 months and 8 years need to get two vaccines given four weeks apart. But experts are saying that some children who would normally need two flu vaccines, only need one dose this year, IF they got vaccinated last year.

Video Games Improve Adult ‘Lazy Eye,’ Study Suggests
Although amblyopia can be successfully treated in children by putting a patch over the “good eye” to force the brain to use the weaker “lazy eye,” few options are available for adults with this condition. But a recent study shows a 30% increase in visual acuity for adults who play video games.

One Sperm Donor, 150 Offspring
There is growing concern among parents, donors and medical experts about potential negative consequences of having so many children fathered by the same donors, including the possibility that genes for rare diseases could be spread more widely through the population.

At Elite New York Schools, Admissions Policies Are Evolving
With an acceptance rate of 2.4% percent for incoming kindergarten students with no ties to the prestigious Trinity school, elite New York schools are beginning to change longstanding admissions practices as they try to balance institutional loyalty and a diverse student body.

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