Not ready for Halloween? Neither is Bridget Moynahan!

We caught up with the single mom of 4-year-old Jack at the launch of the new Let’s Rock! Elmo toy, in New York City, where she accepted a donation on behalf of the charity Baby Buggy.

Do you have any Halloween plans yet?Bridget
Bridget Moynahan: Oh my gosh, no! I don’t even know what I’m doing ten minutes from now. What, do you think I’m organized?!

Well, you do look very organized!
BM: I’ll say that I bet he’ll be a Star Wars figure for Halloween. But don’t put pressure on me about the holidays! Honestly. I planned his birthday party about two days in advance.

When was his birthday?
BM: In August. There was a Star Wars theme. He’s already got some stuff. Maybe we’ll keep him on the same theme for a couple of years, so I can recycle!

What was the progression of the obsessions with 4-year-old Jack? Did he start with Elmo?
BM: He did! He had the Tickle Me Elmo. So that was a big thing in the house for awhile. And he still watches Sesame Street. So there’s that but…he’s a boy.

How did he get into Star Wars? Does he watch Clone Wars?
BM: It was me. I got him into it.

Are you a closet Star Wars fan?
BM: I’m not a closet Star Wars fan. I’m pretty much out.

We’ll look for you as Princess Leia!
BM: I will be!

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