Is Apple Juice Poisonous? Experts Explain the Arsenic Controversy

The highly publicized clash between Dr Oz and the FDA regarding acceptable levels of arsenic in apple juice has left many wondering, ‘Well, what exactly is safe?’. We called upon two health experts, Elisa Zied, MS, RD, CDN, and author of Nutrition At Your Fingertips, and Connie Diekman, M.Ed, RD, LD, FADA, and director of University Nutrition at Washington University, to help clear up some of the confusion.

What do you make of the controversy between Dr. Oz and the FDA?

Connie Diekman: As a registered dietitian I appreciate Dr Oz’s passion for and interest in healthful eating but hate to see such controversy causing confusion and angst for parents. Parents are working hard to provide the right food choices and activity for their children and they need role models who provide information that is based on the science of nutrition in a simple to implement manner.

Can you explain the difference between “good” and “bad” arsenic in food? 

CD: There are two types of arsenic – organic and inorganic. The inorganic form is the one that is harmful, and while arsenic exists in both forms in foods, the inorganic arsenic is the main form found in drinking water. This higher concentration in drinking water is the reason that the EPA, and subsequently the FDA, established limits of safety for drinking water.

Organic arsenic is found in a variety of foods, including fish, seafood, fruits, fruit juices, vegetables, and rice. Organic compounds are easily digestible and do not accumulate in the body as inorganic compounds can, thus intake of organic arsenic, especially at the low levels it exists in foods, is not a concern.

What are the acceptable FDA levels of arsenic in food?

CD: There is no scientific evidence available to allow FDA to set limits for food. The very small amounts in food, combined with the majority being organic, makes it difficult to conduct studies that consistently show a level of risk or safety.

Why would the FDA have higher acceptable levels of arsenic in apple juice as compared to drinking water?

Elisa Zied: The FDA says the levels vary because humans drink and consume a lot more water than they drink other beverages, including apple juice. Because water is more commonly consumed and the quantities consumed are so much higher than they are for juice or other beverages, it’s more important to limit potentially harmful chemicals in it to minimize their total exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. 

CD: The EPA set the level for water based on the average consumption amounts of water, which are significantly higher than those of juice. In addition, since the arsenic in water is predominately inorganic it is easy to measure amounts.

What parents should do with regard to giving their kids apple juice?

EZ: Apple juice–like all juice and other calorie-containing beverages–should be limited in the diet. The AAP recommends 4 to 6 ounces of 100 percent fruit juice to kids ages 1 to 6 ; older kids should limit it to no more than 8-12 ounces if they consume it.

It’s wise to encourage fresh fruit as main source of daily fruit intake because its higher in fiber and more filling. But 100 percent fruit juice can fit into a healthful diet; to lower the amount consumed  you can combine with water or seltzer. Like with all food or beverages, it’s wise to mix up what kids consume from each of the different key food groups. For example, one day have an apple and some strawberries, the next day a banana and some apple juice or orange juice, the next day grapes and some honeydew, the next day some dried fruit and watermelon. Consuming different foods and beverages within the same category mixes up the nutrients you get and can potentially minimize risks of exposure to low levels of contaminants you may find in different foods and beverages.

CD: Apple juice can be a part of a healthful eating plan but as with all fruit juices it should not be a child’s main fruit source. Nutritional and health benefits of whole fruits are better than those of juice, so encouraging kids to enjoy fruit should be the first step.

Readers, what do you think? Do you trust that the FDA has your child’s safety covered or, given Dr. Oz’s concerns, are you now hesitant to give your child apple juice?

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  1. by Jason Kaas

    On September 19, 2011 at 11:05 am

    As a father of 5 I fed my kids things that I “knew” were healthy but then you have food scares and then this study says this and that study says that. Everything seems to have a potential negative or it comes from China that always has its items pulled for lead or something else. The Dr. Oz show brought to light something that concerned me for my 16mth old.

    As far as I’m concerned with apple juice or anything else that is “healthy” I will look for items that come from reputable farms that treat their animals humanely, try to grow as organic as possible and people please BUY AMERICAN!!!!

  2. by susan ernst

    On September 19, 2011 at 11:06 am

    At the end of the day I am glad that Dr. Oz brought up the arsenic in apple juice. Thanks to Dr. Oz i now have more knowledge on arsenic. I will not give my kid more than 4 ounces a day and i will choose the brand that has less arsenic. Definitely not Gerber!! thanks to Dr. Oz. He did a great job!!!

  3. by Lou Lou

    On September 19, 2011 at 11:09 am

    One biggest problem is that parents rely on apple juice as a beverage for their children. Yes, it is a drink of convenience when you are out and about or at the park but so is a bottle of water – which is 100 times better for our children than any juice ever could be. We need to rely on good foods to give our children what they need. Not that apple juice is not a good source for some nutrition, but eating right is the ultimate key.

    Don’t get me wrong I am NOT ok with arsenic being in our kids’ apple juice or in ANYTHING that we feed our children. The fact that Dr. OZ found more arsenic than what we allow in tap water in inexcusable. The FDA should put some sort of restriction on every kind of food. Before commercialized foods came along we never had these problems. Our largest problem is that quality no longer matters it all about quantity. How much and how fast we can produce a product is all that matters. Lets get back to the old days when we grew our own veggies and fruits and then canning them to last through the winter. Eliminate any worries about what we are putting into our bodies. I know that I want a long and healthy life for myself and my kids. All we can do as consumers at this point is keep on the FDA and do what we can to keep ourselves and children safe!!

  4. by gretchen

    On September 19, 2011 at 11:13 am

    the only people that have the best interests of my children are us, parents. Information is always a good thing. While parents may be overwelmed, we are perfectly capable of sifting through and analyzing information to make the best possible decision for our children. All organizations, intentions not withstanding, have other factors they consider besides the health of our children. For example, I have seen many ads for apple juice in Parents Magazine.

  5. by Lina Herndon

    On September 19, 2011 at 11:14 am

    I think money is winning and the health of not
    just our children but ourselves is being runied
    by all this extra poision we ware putting in our
    bodies everyday. I think it all comes down to the
    mighty dollar and a government that doesn’t care about it’s people. There is no reason for this day and age with our technology that we have that our food should be better and healthier. Instead it is the opposite. It’s harder to stay healty cause we get alot of our foods from other countries instead. To me it’s black and white.
    Shop all this importing. And get a government that cares about what is going on with our food not driven by gready politians that are consumed by money.

  6. by Jonathan

    On September 19, 2011 at 11:15 am

    I agree with Lou Lou. Why give your kids juice at all? Water is so much more healthy. If kids get in the habit of not drinking soda or juice (or other sugary drinks) they will be better off. Maybe we should allow more inorganic arsenic in sugary drinks, and unhealthy snacks, then parents won’t feed their kids all that bad food anymore.

  7. by nicole goodrich

    On September 19, 2011 at 11:17 am

    I am so glad Dr. Oz shed light on this very secretive and unpublished fact about Apple juice. My concern as a parent of a 4 year old is also now about other juices that contain Apple juice as part of the mix, for example Capri sun . What ate the arsenic levels in those juices ?

  8. by Nancy Harris

    On September 19, 2011 at 11:18 am

    I am shocked and angry about what Dr.Oz uncovered. And the response I just read. The “inorganic” and “organic” that this article is referring to is not what we, as regular people, are familiar with. It’s a term that the medical field uses to describe if the body can digest or not. I was a big advocate for Gerber, but now I will search for other companies to buy from.

  9. by Yorkymom

    On September 19, 2011 at 11:31 am

    I think I will err on the side of caution.
    I am an avid label reader, and watching Dr Oz’s segment on apple juice and arsenic taught me even more.
    I do not buy anything that has China anywhere on the label…even dog and cat food.
    Producers and product lines go for the cheapest when it come to processing and packaging, most could care less what is used to do it.
    There is NO SAFE LEVEL of Arsenic in anything considered a consumable…at any time or any level.
    Thank you Dr Oz for being brave enough to speak out. And shame on the suppliers of these products for not stepping up and explaining yourselves.

  10. by Jennifer

    On September 19, 2011 at 11:39 am

    My son has type 1 diabetes and is on a strict diet and schedule of eating. I think if all parents followed the schedule and diet that we do, there would not be so many obese children and parents would not have to worry about the level of toxins their kids are taking in. 8 oz of juice is offered occasionally at meals and 4 oz for low blood sugars when they occur. Otherwise, 8 oz of milk is served with meals and water is always the in-between beverage. For soccer, baseball, and basketball, sometimes I will get him powerade zero so he can be like his team-mates with the sports drinks but most often he has his water! This is a way of life for us and has never been a struggle. He was diagnosed at the age of 6 but we were using this schedule and diet long before he was diagnosed! Perhaps that’s why it was not a difficult transition. People say “poor kido” when they hear that he has type 1 but we say No Way! He is a hero when it comes to dealing with his type 1 and we know that it will only make him healthy and more disciplined in the long run! I wish more parents would teach their children how to be more disciplined and aware of what and how they eat! Knowledge is power!!!

  11. by Frank

    On September 19, 2011 at 11:45 am

    What is up? We know China has been sending items to us for a long time. Lead based paints on toys, why should it be a surprise that the juices are poison? We need to watch out for our families and buy USA and local organic when possible. Strawberries or other foods can be just as bad.

  12. by Melinda

    On September 19, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    Honestly I believe their should be no poisonous substance in any of our drinks or foods. I am very disappointed in our government, EPA, and FDA for allowing this to happen. If this is all true then why was this kept from the public and parents so they could make their own decisions on whether to purchase for their children or not. Basically if the FDA, EPA and government are not labeling this then they are hiding it for a reason.

  13. by sylvia work

    On September 19, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    I think your article missed the mark here. The hoopla was over a mention of arsenic levels. But the debate was over a few things. First understanding the levels in arsenic overall and label disclosure. Second why the levels in arsenic are not FDA regulated but water levels are? Thirdly, making a mention that all produce may not be grown in the USA where we have eliminated the use of arsenic in pesticides but other countries have not . Knowing where your ingredients in foods come from aren’t disclosed, and the need to know why. Did you know clothiers list where their materials are made or processed and then also list the country where garments are manufactured and put together? If you can do it for clothing, why not food. Lastly, if you were reading the ingredient label, wouldn’t you want to know if there were aresenic traces? If it’s in the first few ingredients you can choose for yourself. Dr Oz was merely pointing issues and asking the questions of why ? But instead of disclosing the food industry secrets we label this hysteria ? Why is this any different than the new federally mandated law for calorie disclosure for fast food restaurants ? It’s okay to talk about the fat in a big mac but heaven forbid we talk about what’s in our juice ? Full disclosure, then let the consumer decide.

  14. by Heather F.

    On September 19, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    I’m with the other commenters for this article. I do not care if the high arsenic levels are from inorganic or organic materials. Organic arsenic can be harmful as well! I used to by organic juice until I saw the lab results for lead in many fruit juices, including organic. I can be frustrating to figure out what to give our children, so many people want to burry their heads in the sand, but I can’t carry on thinking that ignorance is bliss. Ignorance is cancer and neurological disorders.

  15. by Ronda

    On September 19, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    I am so thankful that Dr.Oz shed light on this. My 3yr old likes Apple Juice and is always mixed with water. problem is that the words that the article used did not explain anything to us, I agree it is terms that medical people use to make us normal people feel like they are really looking out for us when it is about the all mighty dollar! I used to trust Gerber with everything and now I will be sure to make sure I look someplace else for products!It also makes me sad to see the ads in parenting mags for the juice when even if the levels are low like the FDA say they are why do they feel like its ok to advertise this in a magazine that many parents know and trust for information? I agree I dont know why in this day and age that there is not more being done to make sure what comes into the United States is 110% safe for all of us! You would think that we would learn from the toys, paint and every other thing that has been shipped here that is bad for us! WAKE UP GOVERMENT!!! Still not sure why water is ok to test and put limits on but juice for our kids is not??? God Bless you Dr Oz!!!!

  16. by Leticia

    On September 19, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    Try Martinelli’s Apple Juice..apples used are from california farmers.

  17. by Destiny

    On September 19, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    Thank you Dr. OZ.. we love you for carrying, and talking about topics that other doctors, media, and apple companies don’t want to talk about. You have opened our eyes.

  18. by Tracie

    On September 19, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    I am sorry, but I think we are all being a little over-protective here. I read from someone else how there is always one study saying do this, then another ssaying don;’t do it. Let me ask…. how many of our children have had arsenic poisoning from drinking juice, any juice, not just apple? Ok, there is arsenic in it. As they have said there is arsenic in plenty of the foods we eat. Do we stop eating? stop feeding our children? You have to be responsible parents. WE have to be responsible parents.

  19. by dumbfounded

    On September 19, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    Right on Tracie!!

    I’m just dumbfounded that people will believe a talking head like Dr. Oz versus the two health experts cited in this article. Dr. Oz is a heart surgeon, not a nutritional expert…so whatever.

    Everyday we hear that chocolate is good for you or bad for you (depending on which way the money flows for the research and from whom). I’d question every research survey that is done and look at who commissioned it.

    Don’t blindly follow any “guru”, people. Take the information from all sources and make your OWN decisions. The minute you swear upon some single person’s thoughts and speech is the minute you’ve lost your own sense of freedom.

    And for those wanting to buy American, make sure you tell all those very wealthy people paying less taxes than everyone else to start hiring them! Seems they keep shipping all the jobs they can get from less taxes to China…..

  20. by mammallamma

    On September 19, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    Well my daughter would rather drink ANYTHING but water, and I bet there are other kids like that too. So why should the FDA presume to think that they should limit the allowable amount of arsenic in water more than any other beverage.

  21. by Grandma Red

    On September 19, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    Since my 8 month old grandson is on medication he needs to drink a juice that will keep the bowels moving. He is allergic to Prune Juice, so apple it is. But every thing aside their is nothing wrong with looking for products that are made completely in the USA,we have perfectly wonderful apple trees here. Why would we even need to get concentrate from another country. Just saying!

  22. by Tara

    On September 19, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    I think the fact that ORGANIC APPLE JUICE showed only trace amounts of arsenic, then the argument that ALL Apple Juice has arsenic and it’s fine is a lie. There are higher levels of arsenic due to the pesticides ESPECIALLY those used in China which is why DR. OZ said look for Apples grown in the USA.
    Look again and EXACTLY what Dr. OZ has said and you will see the problem is FOREIGN PRODUCE with UNREGULATED PESTICIDES CONTAINING ARSENIC

  23. by Erin

    On September 19, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    I am thankful that Dr. Oz pointed this out. He has a lot of good common sense information for people. His series, The Truth About Food is a very interesting program.

    I consider myself a pretty healthy conscious person and my children primarily drink water and they dont even like the taste of soda (so far). But we are living in a very hectic time and it is really frustrating to find out that something that is universally considered a healthy option might actually be poisoning us. I agree with those who have already posted who want this information on labels – then we can decide for ourselves. It is not that we listen to Dr. Oz over two scientists – it is that information is power and I would rather know what is going on then assume everything is just fine.

    Besides, lots of parents have kids who like to fixate on one particular food item. For months now, my son wants a tuna fish sandwich for lunch – I have to limit him because of the mercury but overall it seemed like a good idea, fish is good for you, I thought wow, what a healthy choice. He drinks mostly water during the day but I put a juice box in his lunch – I tend to buy apple because it doesn’t stain clothes and he likes it. Again, I’m thinking its a healthy choice – now I’ll have to buy other kinds of juice to alternate with. Because of this article I will do a better job of forcing my children to switch up their diet.

    Concerning the comments about China – the reason we import so much from them is because it is much cheaper than what is produced in America. If you don’t like it, then spend more money on your groceries and buy from places that intentionally support locally grown farmers – go to the farmers markets and buy it fresh. Use your consumer voice ($) to help make a change. If you won’t buy it, they won’t make it.

  24. by ESPY

    On September 19, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    After reviewing both sides (Dr. Oz and FDA), I am thankful for Dr.OZ bringing this issue to light. I had no idea that arsenic was found in apple juice. Even after the FDA has tried to clarify this issue, I don’t trust giving my 2 year juice made from concentrate other than concentrate made from apples grown in the USA. I will spend an extra dollar on food and drinks that are grown in the USA for my family consume. Thanks Dr. Oz

  25. by Rebecca Drake

    On September 19, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    My concern that is not being mentioned is that my son is autistic. Parents of ASD Autistic Spectrum Disorder have to watch everything. The excuse that any arsenic is OK is nuts. We have to demand better goverened limits. WTH, They are concerned about everything else, except poisoning their own and knowing it. My child and all the others on the Spectrum are unable to break down the toxins. This means the acceptable levels of organic or not is bunk. Our kids need real food. We have tried so many special diets. You simply cannot afford what they say we need for our kids to be healthy. We need to be able to go to any normal store and purchase safe foods for a price that we can all afford. Safe food should not be only for the elite or those who are on WIC. For those of us inbetween those levels in society we have to pay for everything. The government not only allowing all the scientific jargon to mislead the exhausted parents purchasing these items is simply inexcuseable. WHO IS LOOKING OUT FOR US? FIRST, FIRE THEM… We have to have someone telling us the truth. Thank you Dr. OZ, whether or not you agree, he brings up topics that no one else is talking about. I don’t want to watch more politics, I want to learn how to protect my family. Enough is enough. The FDA’s requirements are not ok!! Who is watching and governing those who are watching us and making the rules. I am asked so often, “what do I think has caused the dramatic change in the amount of children affected by this disease?” Nearly 30 years ago the ratio of children on the spectrum was 1 in 10,000. Yes that is ten thousand. Now in the state of WV where it is not published but acknowledged by our own delegates the number is 1 in 67 children aged 3 to 17 are on the scale. My opinion is that we are toxic. These kids cannot handle anymore toxins in their systems and they are not broken down and digested as mentioned above in another response. These kids struggle in ways you cannot imagine. Apple juice was as stapple. Our son loves apple juice. I have tried to never purchase anything but American juice that has no added sugar. For us getting them to eat or drink anything is a struggle. I’m so incredibly disappointed words cannot express my disgust in the system that is failing us. Each generation today is weaker than the last. At least in our area. We are not as “tough” as our ancestors. Our health is failing us and being mislead in my opinion should be illegal. If advertising is aimed at an eight grade level then why is the labeling of ingredients not at the same level? It is common knowledge that the average family does not have a PHD in nutrition or science to be able to break down the chemical. End result. There doesn’t need to be chemical in our foods. They might not be as pretty or smell as fruity. I would love the option to purchase the more pure, examined and safety levels guaranteed foods. The organic foods are not held to any FDA standards as off as they are at least they are there. And to have organic on the label does not mean that the item is 100% organic. It only means something somewhere in there is and it doesn’t have to be much. Come on. Getting to the store in todays activites is difficult enough. Having enough money to safely feed our family is much harder than ever before and then to basically be lied to knowing that we do not have the time or knowledge to understand the jargon. I try to go by if it has more than five ingredients, put it down. That is the best I can do at this time.

  26. by Shelley

    On September 19, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    I would like to know Mrs. Obama is now. She can come down on McDonalds and other fast foods about the fat and calories in the foods we serve our children, but I guess “Inorganic” Arsenic isn’t important in our childrens apple juice. I agree with the other mothers in reference to children drinking more water, but being kept in the dark about arsenic in juice is unexceptable. They reccomend 4 oz. of juice daily, but a regular size juice box is 6.75 oz. I am a primary water drinker and want my daughter to be the same, but she should be able to drink a juice box and not be getting any toxins. It just proves that there are so many other things that they hiding from us.

  27. by Lakeesha Brown

    On September 19, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    First of all, I’m offended by the tone of this article. Yes. I am a busy, working mother and I care about what my daughter consumes. However, I do not require that information be white-washed and chopped into bits so that I can undestand without losing my fragile little mind. I’m glad Dr. Oz brought this information to light. I think we need to know the truth about what we are consuming and only then can wr make good decisions for our families. I am very particular about what we eat. My daughter nursed for her first year. I made all of her baby food from scratch. We eat organic and local as much as possible. That said, will I not offer my daughter apple juice? Of course I will. In moderation. A commentor asked if anyone has died from apple juice related arsenic poisoning. How do we know? We live in a country filled with cancers and other deadly diseases. And I don’t understand the FDA’s argument that people drink more water than any other substance. According to whom? I’ve seen what my family members and friends consume and offer their kids. It’s usually soda, juice and sports drinks. Thank you Dr. Oz for offering us this information to consider.

  28. by Pam L

    On September 19, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    I am glad to see some sensible comments here. My 1 year old daughter loves juice. I intend to keep giving her juice. Even apple. I don’t understand most people here who are praising Dr. Oz. While I am upset about toxins being in my food or drinks, I understand that in order to prevent all toxins from getting into all foods the government would have to employ tens of thousands more people and it would end up hurting small businesses. One bad harvest and they are bankrupted.

    What everyone needs to remember is that even oxygen is toxic in high enough concentrations.

  29. by Leticia

    On September 19, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    This is to Pam,

    We are not saying don’t drink apple juice, but the companies should use the apple juice concentrate from locally grown apples in the U.S.. not China.. that is why we are in favor with Dr. OZ.. I checked the website from Martinelli’s Apple Juice, it only uses locally grown apples. Keep giving your daughter juice but why not try US made? check the website and read about it.

  30. by Diana Hagerl

    On September 19, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    Went shopping today and I had no problem “informing”
    the public of Dr. Oz show and the information that he informed us of. We not only talked but also started reading label’s on the juice isle. NOW, thats what makes America so great! Hey, Consumers while shopping stop on the juice isle and read the label’s; if it says China on it forget it. I’m questioning why aren’t we buying our apple concentrate from U.S.?? I’m in my 60′s and I have grandchildren to protect.

  31. by Runeshadow

    On September 19, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    I think the arsenic level in apple juice should be held to the same standard as water. It makes no sense for the FDA etc to say folks SHOULD and DO drink more water than fruit juices. Sure, I normally focus on moderation, but when ill, my grandkids count on juice or watered-down juice for hydration. On healthy days, the kids alternate between water and juices. I am appalled that American companies such as Gerber don’t voluntarily adhere to such levels, but hey, they won’t do that unless they are forced to do so! I think liquids are liquids and if the standard has been set for water, set it the same for other edible liquids.

    And while I normally take what Dr Oz says with a grain of salt, I watched the program and he was rebuffed by the “experts” and companies. The trade association is in the business of CYA and promoting its trade, so I don’t trust its word. I also prefer MDs and DOs and PhDs over nutritionists.

  32. by rebecca rulo

    On September 19, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    For those who say that they dont give their kids water because they dont drink it, or those who know others who dont drink water…
    Apple juice has water in it.
    Soda has water in it
    Just about everything has water in it.
    That is how the FDA KNOWS that most people drink more water than apple juice. Water that is in juice, is still water. Your mashed potatoes? Water. Your macaroni? Water. So yes, your consumption of water is higher than your consumption of juice. Also, some of the arsenic in the juice, comes from water.
    Just an FYI…

  33. by Carolina

    On September 19, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    Arsenic is a ubiquitous element being widely distributed in the earth. Nature itself is an adequate source of arsenic. According to availability of natural elements in environment, the position of arsenic is 20th.

    Arsenic is found in atmosphere, in the aquatic environment, in soils and sediments and in organisms. Different minerals of arsenic are mixed with underground rock. The arsenic contents of the earth’s crust is 1.5-2 mg/kg. However, arsenic up to 550 mg. can prevail in per kg. polluted soil. Arsenic poison can spread in air from the industrial wastes. Generally, nominal amount of arsenic also exists in water. Per liter natural water contains 1-2 microgram of arsenic.

    Trace quantity of arsenic is also found in most of the fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. But high level of arsenic exists in sea water. Food of marine origin are much richer in arsenic than other foods. Arsenic up to 5 milligram can be found in per kilogram of sea fish. It means human beings are getting some amount of arsenic through air, food and drinks everyday. But the arsenic does not cause damage of human bodies as its extent is very minimum. The arsenic which are received through food is generally organic. Its poisonous effect is low in comparison to inorganic arsenic. Usually a man can receive arsenic up to 150 microgram for per kilogram weight of his body without any effect. But sensitive individual may however fall sick for only 20 microgram arsenic.

    There are a lot of arsenic in earth’s bio-mass. Arsenic also exists in lava of volcano. Geothermal system and uranium and gold mines are sources of arsenic. It occurs in the air in areas where coal is burnt, particularly near smelter and refineries.

    Arsenic compounds are mainly used in agriculture, forestry, and industrial processes. Arsenic tri-oxide is used in manufacturing of agricultural chemicals (pesticides), glass and glassware, industrial chemicals, copper and lead alloys and pharmaceuticals.

    In agriculture , arsenic compounds such as lead arsenate, copperacetoarsenite, sodium arsenite, calcium arsenate and organic arsenic compounds are used as pesticides. Substantial amount of methyl arsonic acid and dimethyl arsinic acid are used as selective herbicides.

    Chromated copper arsenite, sodium arsenate and zinc arsenate are used as wood preservatives. Some phenylarsenic compounds such as asranilic acid are used as feed additives for poultry and swine.

    Small amount of arsenic continue to be used as drugs in some countries. As medicine arsenic is used since the 5th century BC when Hippocrates recommended the use of an arsenic sulfide for the treatment of abscess. Arsenic preparations were used for the treatment of skin disorder, tuberculosis, leukemia, asthma, leprosy, syphilis, amoebic dysentery etc.. Homeopaths are also using arsenic as drug.

    Besides, arsenic is used in the preparation of dyes, poisonous gas, transistor, as a component of semiconductor, as a preservative in tanning and in the industry of textile, paper etc..

  34. by Ret

    On September 19, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    As for anything that comes from China it is not a good thing. Apple juice should be produced here not from other countries.. The problem is that everyday more and more companies sell out and go to China. If we had more goods here made here it would be a lot safer. I will not trust drinking apple juice or giving it to my kids. All I know is that I did not buy poision. I intended to be apple juice…. Shame on all those companies who don’t give a damn about what they are selling and only care about the money that that are recieving….

  35. by Nina

    On September 20, 2011 at 9:07 am

    I agree with many of the comments here. It’s scary what the government will let corporations get away with. We as parents need to educate ourselves and make a stand for what we know is right and the best for our kids. The fact that we import so many products from a country like China where not only are they sending out contaminated products just to turn a quick profit, but also where human rights violations run rampant thanks to the government is beyond me. We should cut off all economic ties with China until they clean up their act. It’s bad enough we have contaminated food and other products produced in our own country…but to import such products from a country with a history of producing such products is unforgivable.

  36. by Jadababy

    On September 20, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    Dr. Oz did a good thing. We are all talking, reading and learning. My oldest son only wanted apple juice when he was two-years-old. He did not know half of it was water. I did that so he did not have a strong urine odor. I wish I had this information then, whether or not I changed anything; I would have been making an informed choice.

  37. by Tinnu

    On September 22, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    A big thanks to Dr. Oz for bringing this issue to light. Another reason to buy organic and “Made in America” products.
    I am angry at the juice companies for claiming “product of US” on their juice boxes, but using apple concentrate from China. None of the companies said that they would change their juice. I guess money matters more. Due to a lost lawsuit, potato chip makers have to change the way they make potato chips or add a warning (only in California, go figure) on the hazardous levels of acrylamide in their chips; similarly, juice companies will only take action if forced to do so. Shame on them.
    Who regulates the quality of products made outside of the US? The government should force the companies to do so if they are going to manufacture outside of US. The consumers should force the government to set such mandate. Power to the people!
    Lessons I have learned: I am never buying Gerber products unless they are organic, Brand names don’t mean much now, American-made is what matters now. Go America!

  38. by Diana

    On September 25, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    as seen above: EZ: Apple juice–like all juice and other calorie-containing beverages–should be limited in the diet. The AAP recommends 4 to 6 ounces of 100 percent fruit juice to kids ages 1 to 6 ; older kids should limit it to no more than 8-12 ounces if they consume it.

    My question to this is… per day or week or what. give us the details or is it being left out for us to presume and then consider consuming that amount and it be harmful.

  39. by LadyMcNeil

    On September 26, 2011 at 9:26 am

    First, I would like to thank Dr.Oz for this information. Realistically how many of our toddler age and pre-school age children actually eat much of anything! We are always trying to sneek veggies in pasta or under cheese to fool them into getting what they need. Apple juice is the #1 drink that we trust is good for our kids. Why are we importing anything apple…..the government has gone too far and I personally believe that as Americans we deserve better! Buy made in the usa products, at least be have a better chance to research the product!

  40. by Oliver

    On September 26, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    ‘Healthy’ arsenic?

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  42. [...] of arsenic in some apple juices higher than what the FDA allows in drinking water. A follow-up interview with another nutritionist explains the apple juice arsenic is organic, meaning it occurs naturally [...]

  43. by Chrispainta

    On November 2, 2011 at 12:02 am

    If I were studying this problem on a larger scale, I would check whether the Arsenic contained in the apple Juice is responsible for spreading out autism among Children. We typically blame mercury contained in flu shots but who knows, may be this is even more pronounced source.

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    On December 29, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    I’m glad Dr. Oz brought this to light. Not only does it make me avoid apple juice for my daughter but it makes me even more diligent about offering her locally grown, seasonal and organic food. I’m also switching to Martinellis who pledges to have no detecible arsenic and is 100 percent american made. I’m also hoping more research is done on this issue. Until then I’m buying local and organic and only drinking sparkling cider on special occasions.

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  55. by Dawn

    On September 24, 2012 at 11:12 am

    I don’t believe anything the FDA says. They are only in it for the money. If they really cared about the people they wouldn’t allow MSG, high fructose corn syrup, aspertame and other toxic cancer causing ingredients in our food.

  56. by DrMom

    On September 24, 2012 at 11:33 am

    From my understanding the arsenic is in the seeds. So just make your own juice but remove the seeds. Anything processed and in a can or container is not healthy and full of sugar anyway. The sugar is more deadly than the arsenic. Go whole and buy a juicer and make your own fresh juices!

  57. by Renee

    On September 25, 2012 at 2:41 am

    The arsenic is not only in the seeds but also in the flesh of the fruit itself. It all depends on where it is grown, what is in the soil, and what sprays are used.
    The FDA does not speak for the welfare of this country and this has been shown on countless equations. They only speak for who has the most money, otherwise they would not approve half of the dangerous food items available in the stores today.
    To say that juice should be kept at a small limit of 4-6 oz a day or none at all, I find ridiculous. Juice has vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Water has many toxic chemicals in it that should be regulated more.
    If the apple juice has high levels of arsenic, then the apples it comes from will as well as applesauce. It is the same with rice and rice milk.
    Our government allows GMOs, and chemically treated food when it should be blocking them. Our health is more important than money or political power.

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