Interview: Rachel Zoe’s New Assistant, Jeremiah Brent, Talks Nursery Design

“Cuddle Yellow” or “Lemon Gold?”

Not to worry — you won’t have to ask yourself that question again. On behalf of all expectant mothers out there, a new online tool was launched last week to help you complete a nursery without the headache. Fisher-Price and Sherwin-Williams have partnered together, bringing parents the “Room to Bloom” website.

Rachel Zoe, a new mother and well-known celebrity stylist, met with us to explain some highlights of the site. Here’s what we learned: First, you select the furniture collection you would like to work with. Next, a room with undecorated floors and walls appears on your computer screen. Pick colors and patterns from a sidebar, based off of your furniture choices. Once you’ve designed your baby’s new room, print the image or share it on Facebook to show friends. And of course, everything you see is also available in stores, down to the exact paint color.

We caught up with Rachel’s new assistant, Jeremiah, after the demonstration. Hear what he had to say about designing a nursery with Rachel Zoe, and how he went from tinkering with Transformers to appearing on season four of Bravo’s hit series, The Rachel Zoe Project. 

Tell us a little bit about your background. What were you doing before Rachel Zoe’s television show?
Jeremiah Brent: I used to paint… And then I got tired of painting. So I literally went down one weekend to Toys ‘R Us and bought $300 worth of Transformer toys and taught myself how to build furniture from them.

Whoa… I’ve worked with some toys for the magazine and those are really difficult!
JB: I know but they’re great because it taught me how things move and how they fit together, how they collapsed. So it started as a hobby and became a design business. What that transitioned into was working with actual interiors. I did a ton of houses, and I had that (job) for years. And then this opportunity with Rachel came up, and I was like “Well, how can I say no.”

So Rachel told us her favorite collection on Room to Bloom was the “SnuggaBunny.” Do you want to tell us what your favorite is?
JB: I actually love that one, and I love “Coco Sorbet.” It’s really beautiful. I think gender neutrality with all of these, and especially with those two, is really big. I’m not a huge fan of crazy colors; it’s just the way I am. And it’s easy for those parents who are expecting, but they don’t know what.

Let’s say you have 2 or 3 children within a few years and want to update the room. What are some good colors that you think are gender neutral?
JB: I’m not going to lie…. I love a good white. The thing with whites you have to be careful of — and it’s a misconception — is that there are a ton of different tones and variations of white. I’ll never forget Rachel had chosen a white just because she had liked the name, and then I showed up and it was pink. The entire house… the entire house was painted pink! So you have to be really careful. With nurseries I think of light creams. I love light greens, sage, a beautiful robin’s egg blue, you know, something really soft.

If you’re going for a subtle background, what are some good “pop” colors? Rachel said certain colors stimulate baby’s minds, so what are a few you looked at?
JB: Well I was a huge fan of oranges. I also think that orange lends itself to a little more contemporary vibe, which was what we’re going for in the nursery. I love a good green — brown was another big favorite of mine. I mean, I don’t know if it’s stimulating but it’s really neutral and it transitions well with the baby into the next chapter of their life. And yellows; I love a good yellow too. But if it’s done right — don’t give me a lemon yellow!

If you had one other room in the house you could use this online tool for, what would it be?
JB: That’s a good one. I would probably say living rooms. You know, people want to try a ton of different options but until you actually see it? It’s hard to imagine. So I think this tool is genius in that people would probably have a lot less work to do. I would be online playing with it myself.

Real quick, just give us a few fashion tips for expecting moms. We have to ask…
JB: Well, Rachel’s not the norm when it comes to fashion sense! She was giving you thigh-high Brian Atwoods. And she was pregnant! But I was really impressed by the way she was able to layer. She played with different heights and lengths, and it really cheated the body. She used to always belt it. She accentuated the belly — she never tried to hide it towards the end. She was proud of it! And black obviously slims everyone out, any day of the week.

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