For $13, Life Can Get a Little Easier


Yay! Over the weekend I was able to ditch one more kid-related piece of equipment. Two, actually–the stepstools in our bathrooms. Thanks to a nifty little device called the Aqueduck, my girls can now wash their hands without needing to be boosted up to reach the faucet. Aqueduck is a lightweight plastic and rubber gadget that attaches to your faucet in two seconds and creates a kind of slide for the water to run down and out. The photo explains it better than I can!

Admittedly, if my daughters were a little smaller, they’d still need the stool to turn on the handles. But this is still a problem-solving product for anyone with a child old enough to wash his hands. It promotes independence and makes hand-washing a smidge more exciting–which is especially useful as we head into cold and flu season. And by the way, I think there should be Aqueducks in every kid-friendly restaurant. Imagine not having to hoist and dangle your child over the sink while manning the faucets and the soap dispenser and trying to avoid pressing her entire midsection into the counter?!

Aqueduck, $13,

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  1. by vans

    On November 15, 2011 at 12:27 pm