Cake Tales: A Very Special Birthday

I posted last week about how I was tasked with making the cake for my niece’s first birthday. I’m completely smitten with my sweet little Zoe and I knew I wanted to do something special for this milestone. Since I had already determined that she didn’t have a favorite flavor to dictate my direction, I decided to have a little fun and create a new “creature” in honor of the big day.

Meet the “Zoebra.” What could be cuter than a baby zebra cake for baby Zoe?! I used a recipe for classic yellow cake and made a 12-inch, a 10-inch and an 8-inch round. After letting them cool, I did some serious trimming and rearranging, and then frosted the cake with buttercream frosting. I added black food coloring to some of the frosting to make the stripes and I used some hot pink fondant to make the nose (although you could easily just dye some frosting pink). I was pretty pleased with how it came out, though when it came time to dig in, Zoe wasn’t all that interested. I thought babies love their first bite of cake! I guess she’s waiting for me to figure out how to make it Cheerio-flavored.


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  1. by Ellen

    On October 1, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    Lucky Zoe!! Not only a delicious cake but a totally original cake for her first birthday. I think the “Zoebra” cake will be celebrating with Zoe’s everywhere!