Meet Our Newest Blogger: Ellen Seidman

Ellen Seidman

Ellen Seidman had been looking forward to having a child since she was one herself. “I had a history only of baby love” she wrote on her blog Love That Max. But after a healthy full-term pregnancy, Seidman’s son Max had a stroke at birth and was left with cerebral palsy.

Although Max’s diagnosis changed her life, she hasn’t let it slow her down. Seidman has held senior positions at many magazines, is currently a freelance magazine editor and has found time for a new blog To The Max. She writes about the misperceptions people have about children with special needs and how her family tackles them. Seidman does not want pity for her son or the rest of her family, husband Dave and daughter Sabrina, 6, but she does ask one thing: Say “hi.”

Check out Seidman’s new blog To The Max (and don’t forget to say “hi”)!

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