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Should parents lose custody of super obese kids?
A provocative commentary in one of the nation’s most distinguished medical journals argues yes, and its authors are joining a quiet chorus of advocates who say the government should be allowed to intervene in extreme cases.

Missing Boy’s Remains Found, Police Say
The search for a missing 8-year-old Brooklyn boy ended early on Wednesday when investigators discovered what they believed to be his dismembered remains in a third-floor attic refrigerator of a Brooklyn man and in a trash bin on a street, the police said.

New rules for nannies
Some daycare centers in Colorado say the state’s being a tough baby-sitter with new, proposed regulations.

Marriage Problems for Parents, Sleep Problems for Baby
A recent study indicates that strength of your marriage can have an effect on your baby’s sleep.

NH lawmakers to file Caylee bill
New Hampshire lawmakers are planning on filing legislation named after toddler Caylee Anthony that would make it a crime to fail to report a child’s disappearance.

GAO: U.S. child abuse death data flawed
America used flawed methods to tally and analyze the deaths of children who have been maltreated, and the latest annual estimate of 1,770 such fatalities is likely too low, the Government Accountability Office says in a new report to Congress.

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