Study Urges Kids to Drink More Water

Last month, a study from the Academy of Pediatrics warned parents that sports and energy drink consumption can lead to “excessive caloric consumption” and increased risk of obesity, and urged them to serve kids water instead.

Therefore, Nestle Pure Life has started an online Hydration Movement program with “Light Bulb Moment” advertisements which show “ah-ha” moments, where parents realize that water is a better substitute. It encourages parents to pay attention to the types of drinks her children are consuming.

Also, Nestle Pure Life is asking consumers to sign a pledge to swap one sugared beverage for a bottle of water, which, if done once a day, can cut 50,000 calories a year.  For every online pledge, consumers receive products coupons and hydration information.

So go out and stay active this summer! Just remember to stock up on water!

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