New App Lets Baby Pick His Own Name

UntitledGrowing up I hated that my first name was hyphenated, and for good reason. From my 5-year-old perspective, it was long, weird, and difficult for anyone to get right. I would always tell my parents I wished I had a say in what they picked so I could have a normal name like everyone else. Now, fortunately for the unborn, there’s a new 99 cent iPhone app called “Kick to Pick” that gives your child a say from the womb…supposedly.

An expecting mom in her second trimester can put an iPhone, iTouch, or iPad up to her belly as the app scrolls through thousands of randomly generated names, which can also be organized by gender or favorites. The app is programmed to recognize any fetal movement so when the baby kicks, the scanning automatically stops on the “chosen” name (assuming that a kick means he or she likes it). It’s then up to the parents to decide whether they want to stick with the baby’s pick or continue scrolling for more options.

“Kick to Pick” seems pretty cool for some lighthearted fun or even a tiebreaker in the mom vs. dad name battle, but it does make me wary that kids will end up resenting their names even more when they find out they weren’t named after a family member, celebrity, or even a Twilight character. Nope–instead, they were named by an iPhone app.

–Maria-Nicole Marino

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  1. by Danielle

    On June 2, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    What will they think of next!? Great review, definitely a unique way to choose your childs name!