Meet Our Newest Blogger: Nicole Dorsey

Nicole Dorsey has written extensively about fitness and healthy living for numerous magazines and talked about it on several TV outlets. For she has taken on a new subject but one just as close to hear: adoption. She chronicles the process on her blog, The Adoption Diaries.  It is a process that is anything but easy and fun.

Her 5-year-old son has recently started begging for a younger sister. “Sam says he’ll give up his big boy bed and sleep on the floor so his new sister can take his bed. He also tells me there are sick kids in the world who don’t have a mommy to call on when their tummy hurts at night, like he does. Sam reminds me that his friend Logan, at school, is adopted,” she recently wrote.

Follow her through the next year as she takes the Parents community on the journey with her.

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